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The majority of people, including some of today’s leading experts in psychology and performance, contend that pressure “is the enemy of success.” In The Pressure Paradox, Grunburg elucidates precisely the opposite and how such reasoning can be damaging: That when properly harnessed, channeled and “refracted” positively, pressure proves to be one of your greatest allies in your journey toward creating your ideal future.

Tragically, those who struggle the most (mentally, physically, emotionally) often misunderstand the important role pressure plays in their life; it’s a supernatural force that is impossible to avoid. Therefore, understanding pressure for its true nature and knowing how to use this force (which is technically neutral) in a positive fashion is arguably one of life’s great secrets for goal achievement, peak performance and, of all things, happiness and peace of mind.

The Pressure Paradox provides keen insight into the strategies and tactics that will allow anyone to use pressure positively to produce more, perform better, and enjoy greater happiness and peace of mind.

This is a spectacular follow-up to the bestselling book, The Habit Factor®. In it,  Grunburg illustrates precisely how your environment— in particular, pressure — is the powerful “X” factor enabling you to accelerate your achievements.

– Why pressure CANNOT be the enemy of success
– The natural relationship between pressure and human potential
– How pressure facilitates problem-solving and creativity
– How you can positively utilize pressure to your advantage
– Why pressure is desirable to the greatest athletes
– What the ZONE really is in peak performance
– How to tailor your environment to help you forge new habits
– Why having a “chip on your shoulder” can be a huge advantage
– How pressure directly affects your wellness and peace of mind


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