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At the intersection of Science, Philosophy, Personal Achievement & Spirituality lies The Habit Factor®, an innovative and proven methodology to realize meaningful and significant goals helping you to create your ideal future — your success.

Everyone desires to achieve their goals and realize success, yet few do. The Habit Factor® encapsulates nearly 3,000 years of philosophy and success literature to reveal the most elemental and profound truth governing all personal achievement: HABIT is the single-greatest determinant in a person’s ability to realize a life of success and achievement. For the first time ever, The Habit Factor® reveals its proven step-by-step methodology — a process that has received acclaim from top success coaches, personal trainers and PhD’s around the world. This book takes the reader on a “mind-bending adventure of insight and application” to explore the deepest mysteries of habit. Questions never before asked, or answered, are tackled within these pages, and you are certain to come out the other side awakened, empowered and transformed.

Very Special Foreword by Roz Savage the first woman to row across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


Brilliant! Everyone needs this… whether you read this to improve yourself or your business — just read it!”~Michael E. Gerber, Author of the perennial best-seller, The E-Myth Revisted (

“Powerful. Practical. Certain to super-charge your success!”

~Brian Tracy, Author of 55 Books in 36 Languages, (”If you’re beginning to believe another book might not help you– think again.  The Habit Factor is a powerful and simple strategy for creating meaningful change in your life!  This step-by-step process gets results. Combined with the mobile app, it’s a productivity dynamic duo!Garry Ridge, CEO WD-40 Company, Author, Helping People Win at Work“Deep and inspiring. The Habit Factor® reveals why each of usmust conscientiously choose our thoughts, thereby directing the power of habit to server ourselves, our companies, communities and planet.”

~Chip Conley,  Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow (